OBS Crashes Whole PC on Heavy Load


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So over the two years I've been dual booting Linux I've been distro hopping around from arch, debian, and fedora. Every time I try to record gameplay with OBS after about 5 minutes the screens go black and my gpu fans spin to the max. This happens to me no matter the distro, and I can't find a solution other than, "PSU stability issues".
This doesn't make sense to me because I use it regularly on Windows as well recording at 1440p 60fps about 30000 kbps. Recorded MWII High settings with a GPU and CPU stress test running in the background and no crashes. On linux it takes 5 minutes on any graphically intensive game I played to crash. Speaking of which if I use gpu-screen-recorder, a project that uses nvenc to record (gpu only, just like shadowplay on windows) it never crashes, no matter how high the bitrate.

Ryzen 7 1700
Nvidia EVGA RTX 2070 SUPER
16 GB 3200 ram
800 watt 80 Plus Bronze PSU
Xorg (X11) KDE Plasma, Arch Linux(Garuda)