pc crash

  1. keey1017

    laptop continuously crashes when I stream with capture card.

    I bought a capture card not too long ago off of amazon and when I first got it it worked perfectly on obs when I streamed games but recently when I get around six minutes into the the stream my laptop crashes with a blue screen. Even when I'm not streaming and I'm using my capture card to to...
  2. P

    OBS Crashes Whole PC on Heavy Load

    So over the two years I've been dual booting Linux I've been distro hopping around from arch, debian, and fedora. Every time I try to record gameplay with OBS after about 5 minutes the screens go black and my gpu fans spin to the max. This happens to me no matter the distro, and I can't find a...
  3. G

    Very strange Lags and crashes on complete System

    Hi, since 2 Weeks i have MASSIVE problems on my computer and OBS is the origin of that i guess. When i am streaming - out of the sudden OBS stoppes and crashes the PC in 99 %. Only not in that cases when i can open fast enough the Task Manager to stopp the process to close OBS. This...
  4. C

    PC is STILL Freezing my entire PC at random.

    Sometimes I don't even need to be streaming. What the heck is going on? Here's the log. https://obsproject.com/logs/TdS_ZGyn0ndvPpf1 I have reinstalled OBS multiple times, This has been happening since before 27.2.4 - I rebuilt my PC and got the most recent version. I keep my OBS up to date...
  5. T

    OBS crashing?

    I am currently running a ryzen 5 3600x and a rtx3060 and up until this week I’ve never had problems. But now when I try to stream within 5 minutes of being live the stream will crash and it will render my PC useless unless I hold the power button to reset it. I asked my friend to try and he had...
  6. L

    Question / Help PC Crash mid Stream

    Everytime i Stream my PC gets a Bluescreen after about 5 minutes. Can you help me? driver irql_less_or_not_equal windows 10 ndis.sys this is the error code Sorry for my english im from Germany
  7. A

    Question / Help Computer freezes while streaming

    Hello Community, i saw two of threads who are kinda like these, but both times the issue was the setup. If there is one with the same problem as i have, sry for having a repost on that one. Coming to my problem: As you can see in the caption i have the problem that my computer keeps freezing...