Beep on Replay Buffer Save on Linux?


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Is it at all possible to have a script that will play a .mp3/.wav file on the save of a replay buffer? I've tried using the one(s) made for Windows and modifying it, but to no avail. If so, how would you go about doing this? This is pretty essential to me as it's unrealistic for me to alt tab out of my game, navigate to my OBS folder, and play the most recent video to insure that it's been captured. Any help is appreciated, thanks!


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The Advanced Scene Switcher plugin can do that, albeit indirectly.

Now instead of saving the buffer directly, you trigger this macro, which both saves the buffer and runs an external app or script. That app or script, then, plays the notification.

Of course, if you'd rather have a different trigger than what I show here, or if you want a different type of notification, some of which Adv. SS *is* capable of directly, go ahead and change it. :-)