arch linux

  1. NVasion

    Troubles with AMD GPU AV1 Encoding to Appear

    Hello there. I have an RX 7800XT GPU and I wanted to use AV1 GPU encoding on obs instead of SVT-AV1 CPU encoding. Currently, the only available are x264, AOM-AV1, and SVT-AV1. I am using Arch Linux, Hyprland (Wayland Compositer), the current stable release of the Mesa Driver, and I have...
  2. B

    QSV H.264 encoder doesn't work on Arch Linux

    Hello. I just installed the latest version of OBS Studio on Arch Linux (EndeavourOS) and for the life of me I can't get QuickSync working. "Failed to start recording" error shows up as soon as I click "Start Recording". I read that Intel dropped support for older CPUs but I'm running an 8th gen...
  3. S

    CPU Usage on Linux

    Hey everyone, I would like to know why OBS Studio takes more CPU Usage than on Windows. I have rebuild the one of the Scene in Linux with the same sources. On Windows while being idle (no recording or streaming) the scene takes about 0,5% and on Linux it takes about 11% of CPU Usage. OBS...
  4. D

    Beep on Replay Buffer Save on Linux?

    Is it at all possible to have a script that will play a .mp3/.wav file on the save of a replay buffer? I've tried using the one(s) made for Windows and modifying it, but to no avail. If so, how would you go about doing this? This is pretty essential to me as it's unrealistic for me to alt tab...
  5. reisscake

    OBS Capturing is broken

    I wanted to try and stream a game (Clone Hero) for my small group of friends, however OBS runs into an issue. I am using window capture on Xcomposite, and while doing this, the preview on OBS is like this: This doesnt happen when I stream my desktop screen, but i'd...
  6. rob215x

    OBS on Manjaro Linux - Best Solution So Far!!

    Hi, I've only been streaming a few weeks but I love OBS. I'm also on Manjaro Linux and it's been my primary OS for over 3 years. This post is for anyone having trouble with OBS on Manjaro Linux, especially the missing "browser" source. I just spent 3 days installing and uninstalling various...
  7. marufsarker

    When I recorded my video unfortunately electricity has gone. How can I recover the file?

    please help me..... When I recorded my screen for making a crush course unfortunately electricity has gone. When the electricity came I check if my record has been saved or not. I saw that the file was saved but the file isn't running. After 2/3 seconds of loading, it stopped. It was .mp4...
  8. EmeraldShield

    OBS not closing fully (Arch/EndeavorOS)

    Recently, I installed the official OBS package from the arch linux AUR. Whenever I close OBS and then try to reopen it, and the message is the picture sent. I do press the exit button on the bottom right, and also because of that discord is in streamer mode all the time after opening and...
  9. Ederson Ferreira

    OBS Can't start streaming

    Today, I tried to start a livestream using OBS, but it can't start the stream. Withy the error: "Starting the output failed. Please check the log for details" Here are the logs: 17:04:36.484: CPU Name: AMD Ryzen 5 3400G with Radeon Vega Graphics 17:04:36.485: CPU Speed: 3700.000MHz...
  10. Gathsara

    Window Capture Option Missing..?

    I am Using ArchCarf Linux(Based - ArchLinux) But Window Capture and Screen Chapter Options are Missing.. This is my install cmd - yay -S obs-studio how can I fix this..?
  11. L

    Arch Linux user. with i3wm. without desktop environment. installed via pacman. want display capturer or window capturer.

    log: I installed this package: (27.0.0-1 now, due to having upgraded today) Noticed "Sources" lacks "Display Capture", "Game Capture", "Window Capture", and some more. Just need one of those...
  12. Scla

    Stream output type 'rtmp_output' failed to start!

    Hello there! I'm having a really bad time with OBS Streaming on linux due to this error: Here's my encoder settings: Oddly enough, I can record with every encoder (including NVENC). Streaming is the only thing I can't do. I've attached the logs (the "upload logs" function it causing me issues...
  13. syori

    [FFMPEG VAAPI encoder: 'streaming_h264'] Failed to open VAAPI codec: Function not implemented

    02:37:52 AM.241: CPU Name: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Eight-Core Processor 02:37:52 AM.241: CPU Speed: 2764.164MHz 02:37:52 AM.241: Physical Cores: 8, Logical Cores: 16 02:37:52 AM.241: Physical Memory: 24043MB Total, 14249MB Free 02:37:52 AM.241: Kernel Version: Linux 5.9.1-arch1-1 02:37:52 AM.242...
  14. H

    screen capture (XHSM) stucking on 1 picture and flickering

    Just downloaded OBS on linux manjaro KDE all sources work fine but screen capture (XHSM) I have 2 monitors both of them stuck on 1 picture and one of them keeps flickering while freezing and the cursor moves normally. I used OBS on linux mint on the same laptop before and it was working fine
  15. B

    Weird Linux glitching w/ window capture

    I need help getting window capture to work. arch Linux, AMD GPU, KDE plasma. LOG:
  16. Mayravixx

    Question / Help [Manually Resolved] OBS Opens As A Giant Grey Screen on Openbox (Arch Linux)

    As the title states, the issue I'm dealing with is not one anyone else I know can help me with, which is why I've come here. As the title states, all OBS does when it opens is show up as a massive grey box. The photo I've attached below was taken just before I started setting up openbox so the...
  17. M

    Bug Report Window Capture (XComposite) only showing OBS' menu and titling every window as "unknown"

    If I try to attach a window capture to my mixer, it gives me a X of "unknown" windows with either black / OBS menu as the output, X being the amount of windows I currently have open. Sometimes, the first time I open the menu for the window capture it gives me a randomly chosen window (such as...