preview window

  1. frogstar42

    Brain reminder preview pane is not active

    I can't tell you how many times I have recorded something and later found out I forgot to switch the preview pane to live. I asked chat gpt if it could write a script for me to pop up a window that says, do you wish to switch your preview screen to live? But it didn't work, and I gave up trying...
  2. J

    Preview lag / Audio out of sync

    Let me preface by apologizing in advance if this has already been a post, but I couldn't find anything related to my specific issue. The Setup: M1 Max Macbook Pro / 64 GB Ram / MacOS Ventura 13.0 3 OBS instances / V. 27.2.4 (64 bit) Loopback for audio capture w/ 3 individual virtual audio...
  3. M

    OBS in the preview changes the color, adds more brightness

    INTEL i3-10105F AMD RX 580 4gb 16 GB 2666 Windows 10 Pro =================== Vertical monitor 75hz HDMI with ICC profile Horizontal monitor 165 hz Display Port with ICC profile =================== I think it happened after some OBS update because before that everything was ok log file...
  4. oneRaijin

    OBS 28.0.3 - preview window is way too small

    Hi, is there a way to resize the preview window such as being able to drag the edges to my preference to make the preview larger? It's so tiny for me
  5. Bluegix

    OBS game capture (window) is not showing preview and not recording too

    I am new to OBS. I am trying to record the Steam game Splinter Cell Blacklist using Game capture --> Capture specific window source. I have tried running OBS as administrator, still it is not working. Please help. Here is the log file. Attaching the...
  6. J

    Choose a different key for closing the full screen and windowed previews

    Whenever you use the full screen and the windowed projector previews, if you hit the "ESC / ESCAPE" key, the preview will be closed. This is really a problem if you are capturing PowerPoint presentations, which use the same key to close them. So, if you accidentally click on the OBS preview and...
  7. M

    How can I prevent the preview window from lagging my videos?

    I was using OBS for a while and everything was fine until one day it wasn't. It was lagging like crazy and I didn't know why. I did everything like changing settings, disabling game mode and more, but it didn't fix it. For some reason, removing the preview window removed all sort of lag on my...
  8. Chirsmas95

    Preview Window Input Delay

    Hello! I would like to be able to play console games (using and Elgato HD 60 Pro) through OBS's preview window. That way, while streaming on Twitch, I can easily hear both my friends talking and the game without awkwardly having one earbud in from the TV and one from Discord. Plus it'd be nice...
  9. Z

    Preview window freezes when resizing after updating graphic drivers

    Hi, I have been using Zoom for online meetings with my learners for some time. They get a mobile phone holder from me to show what they are writing from above. With OBS and the preview window, I rotate the image 180° and share the window. So we use the mobile phone like a kind of overhead...
  10. yossarian

    [BUG + FIX] Black preview embed window on Linux w/ HiDPI monitors

    Hi all, I'm posting this here in case anybody else finds it helpful. I was running into an issue with OBS (both the 25.x.x and 26.x.x series) where the embedded preview widow would always be black, no matter which sources I added. The windowed and fullscreen previews worked just fine, however...
  11. D

    lag preview window

    Hi, after I started streaming, I noticed that the games I'm streaming can be seen in the preview window as lag, but everything is fine on the stream. And then I think that when I see in the preview window how it lags, I think that it lags on the stream and then I'm worried. Can I ask for advice...
  12. D

    Preview window (window mode) without title bar and border

    Hello, I am an OBS beginner and since my English is not good I wrote it with Google Translate. My question is is there the preview window in the window mode even without the title bar and the border? Best in the form of a plugin? Unfortunately I haven't found anything yet. If such a plugin does...