preview window

  1. yossarian

    [BUG + FIX] Black preview embed window on Linux w/ HiDPI monitors

    Hi all, I'm posting this here in case anybody else finds it helpful. I was running into an issue with OBS (both the 25.x.x and 26.x.x series) where the embedded preview widow would always be black, no matter which sources I added. The windowed and fullscreen previews worked just fine, however...
  2. D

    lag preview window

    Hi, after I started streaming, I noticed that the games I'm streaming can be seen in the preview window as lag, but everything is fine on the stream. And then I think that when I see in the preview window how it lags, I think that it lags on the stream and then I'm worried. Can I ask for advice...
  3. D

    Preview window (window mode) without title bar and border

    Hello, I am an OBS beginner and since my English is not good I wrote it with Google Translate. My question is is there the preview window in the window mode even without the title bar and the border? Best in the form of a plugin? Unfortunately I haven't found anything yet. If such a plugin does...