Preview window freezes when resizing after updating graphic drivers


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I have been using Zoom for online meetings with my learners for some time. They get a mobile phone holder from me to show what they are writing from above. With OBS and the preview window, I rotate the image 180° and share the window. So we use the mobile phone like a kind of overhead camera.

What I noticed that a few months ago the preview window froze as soon as I resized it. After a lot of trial and error, I found out that it must have something to do with the graphics driver. At the moment, I'm using a version from 2017 - with this, everything works perfectly. As soon as I update the driver to a more recent version (I have tried several ones), the preview window freezes.

I could live with working with an older driver after I figured that out. However, a few games seem to have problems with just that said older driver.

How can I find out why the preview window freezes with a more recent driver? What exactly are the causes here?

Here are some details (older laptop).
- Intel HD Graphics 5500
- NVIDIA Geforce 940M

The driver in question is that of the NVIDIA card. The Intel driver is the latest one and hasn't seemed to cause any issues.



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I have just found this tutorial:

With this, I have now tried out whether it could have something to do with OBS, or whether it could really only be the graphics driver that is responsible.

When I select the internal graphics card, everything works perfectly. As soon as I select the NVIDIA card with the new driver for OBS, the screen freezes.

What could I look for in the drivers to find out exactly what the problem is? Perhaps a driver will be released in the future with which the problems do not occur.