1. joulinara

    OBS crashing camera properties (NVIDIA graphics drivers)

    Hello dear gamers, The new NVIDIA graphics card drivers, version 526.86 "Game Ready" and newer, have a known issue that causes OBS Studio to hang when using a Video Capture Device source. Revert to the most recent "Studio" drivers and avoid updating until the next "Studio" driver comes out. The...
  2. O

    Sound input distorted thru windows11 and RCA to USB video capture

    First time in the forum and with OBS. I apologuize in advance if some of the following is too obvious. I set up OBS in a windows 11 laptop and a RCA to USB video capture adapter very generic (a $12.50 chinese device) to digitalize old VCR tapes. It captures video input fine, but sound is...
  3. D

    OBS Crashes Video drivers on Startup

    OBS crashes my video drivers on startup, then proceeds to crash itself whenever i open it up for the first time when i boot up my pc. Video drivers are up to date Windows is up to date attached are both the log and the crash dump
  4. Z

    Preview window freezes when resizing after updating graphic drivers

    Hi, I have been using Zoom for online meetings with my learners for some time. They get a mobile phone holder from me to show what they are writing from above. With OBS and the preview window, I rotate the image 180° and share the window. So we use the mobile phone like a kind of overhead...
  5. Chuck_br

    Fail to open codec NVENC

    sup guys, after running obs and try to start a record from my linux i got this error : "Falha ao abrir o codec NVENC: Unknown error occurred Por favor, verifique se os seus drivers de vídeo estão atualizados." and in the log i got this : ``` warning: [NVENC encoder: 'simple_h264_stream']...
  6. Ederson Ferreira

    OBS Can't start streaming

    Today, I tried to start a livestream using OBS, but it can't start the stream. Withy the error: "Starting the output failed. Please check the log for details" Here are the logs: 17:04:36.484: CPU Name: AMD Ryzen 5 3400G with Radeon Vega Graphics 17:04:36.485: CPU Speed: 3700.000MHz...
  7. S

    Current video card driver does not support this NVENC version, please update your drivers.

    Hi, Recently whenever I try to stream with my encoder set to Hardware (NVENC) I am unable to start and recieve the error message: "Failed to start streaming Failed to open NVENC codec: Function not implemented Please check your video drivers are up to date." I am able to stream if I set my...
  8. J

    Question / Help Ec2-Ubuntu running tigervnc error

    Getting an error with regards to GPU not supported...(please check screenshot)
  9. C

    Question / Help Nvenc not working after driver update.

    Whenever I go to start streaming or recording it says use the latest nvidia or AMD drivers. Before I updated to the latest driver this became an issue. Please help me I need it. Log:
  10. E

    Question / Help Pink and Green video after i updated my AMD drivers...

    i just recently updated my AMD drivers for my radeon rx 480 and after i record with obs and set my recording encoder to either: H264/avc encoder (AMD advanced media framework) or H265/hvec encoder (AMD advanced media framework), i get a pink and green distorted recording. this only happens with...
  11. Prismshard

    Question / Help OBS Causing Graphics Tablet to Crash

    I recently have been trying to use OBS for drawing streams and for recording drawing videos. The problem is that once I start either recording or streaming in OBS it causes my graphics tablet to no longer recognize the pen or the face buttons. It essential acts as though it's a normal monitor...
  12. BestNoob

    Bug Report OBS crash with AVermedia U3 CV710

    CV710 AVermedia eXtreme Cap U3 There is a new driver from 2018-10-18 with this OBS crash again and again when i try to edit settings. But i need this driver, without the HDMI is not working..... OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS both crashing. Hope you can check and fix this.
  13. S

    Question / Help OBS doesnt support the generic USB audio win10 drivers from MS?

    No matter what I do I can not get OBS to pick up on this device. I see it in the mic sources but never get any levels out of it. I tried the whole 'asio daw' solution... big nope also.... Mic works as a std mic source far as I can tell every program I use other then OBS has no problems...
  14. R

    Question / Help White screen problem

    I wanted to start streaming. Back when i set up OBS, i had another graphics card, but now I've switched to a used GTX 760. Now i only get a white screen on my preview windows, i can start the stream and it shows stuff in twitch, but i cannot edit anything. - I've tried to reinstall the graphics...
  15. R

    Question / Help Starting the output failed. Only for Streaming, Recording works fine

    Greetings, Today after finally Updating my OBS and my GPU drivers (that was the last time I swear. don't fix it if it's not broken) I encountered the "Failed to start streaming. Starting the output failed. Please check log for details. Note: If you are using NVENC or AMD encoders, make sure...
  16. D

    Question / Help OBS keeps crashing when I start recording!

    Hello guys! I´m new here and my english isn´t the best so sorry for that. Nevertheless I need your help. OBS keeps crashing when I try to record something. This happens since I reinstalled Windows 10. I figgured out it has something to do with my video card. I tried to: -reinstall obs -reinstall...
  17. N

    Question / Help OBS Studio Freezing Wacom Graphics Monitor!?

    I'm running Windows 10 (creative update) on a custom Asus build. I'm an illustrator working full-time. Recently, over the past 8 or so months give or take, every time I begin to stream or record with OBS Studio my pen loses connection with my screen. My Wacom Cintiq freezes, as if OBS messes...