Question / Help White screen problem


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I wanted to start streaming. Back when i set up OBS, i had another graphics card, but now I've switched to a used GTX 760.
Now i only get a white screen on my preview windows, i can start the stream and it shows stuff in twitch, but i cannot edit anything.
- I've tried to reinstall the graphics card drivers using the software OBS recommends for deleting old drivers.
- I've tried reinstalling OBS
- The same problem occurs in Streamlabs OBS

Maybe it has something to do with the graphics card. I cannot install the driver for the card if im not in safe boot, otherwise it just BSOD with the error Video_dxgkrnl_fatal_error.
I also use fusion 360, which will only work in DX9, and not in DX11

I see there are other with the same problem. Hope someone knows how to fix it