white screen

  1. W

    OBS Stop Working Openning Video Capture Device Properties.

    Hello! I'm woks, but my OBS doesn't works. What's the problem?: White screen on Video Capture Device source properties + OBS Stop Working What I tried: Restarting PC Reinstalling OBS Uninstalling Sorces, Plugins, etc (emotional) Manually Deleting OBS Files Trying Streamlabs Desktop (It makes...
  2. D

    white screen when recording

    hello, i have a laptop with windows 11 (on which this issue is happening) and the preview of the video is white. btw i have 2 monitors (if that will help). also yes i do have the latest windows updates, the lastest graphics drivers for my dedicated gpu and the latest drivers (i think) for my...
  3. B

    Help needed please

    I have ran into a problem with OBS, it now loads up I have 1 quarter off the screen on then the other 3 quarters are completely white so any help would be much appreciated
  4. Abyssa1

    Authentication Window on obs for twitch is completely white

    I've tried enabling acceleration, deleting cache, running as admin, uninstalling/reinstalling. The page when i try to connect to twitch just shows a blank white screen and nothing else even after waiting for a long time. Log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/Zjuz9sxoIAJbcRkP
  5. I

    OBS white screen?

    Had this issue for ages, deleted all my scenes all my sources, reinstalled obs, didn't fix. Any help would be appreciated. https://obsproject.com/logs/uKQySLCaqi3ETsae
  6. B

    Question / Help Tela preta (nem configurando para a placa integrada funciona)

    Boa tarde galera, é o seguinte, tenho dois note, sofri bastante com ambos para configurar o OBS, no meu DELL foi realmente falta de contato algum com o programa, até que consegui resolver mudando para modo econômico de energia, (Ele possui uma placa integrada 8600 intel, do processador i5 de 4º...
  7. W

    Question / Help White Screen problem

    Everytime i open my obs this white screen happen. help me please.
  8. C

    Question / Help Display capture device and Window capture device

    My display capture device and window capture device showing a blank screen, can anyone help for this.
  9. C

    Question / Help OBS 24.0.3 64bit, Window Capture + firefox = White screen

    After the last update, it stopped capturing the Firefox window. I can only say for sure that everything was fine on September 15th. Now when capturing - a static white screen. Unfortunately, I also cannot say if the capture worked BEFORE the update.
  10. J

    Question / Help White Screen in Preview

    So I been using OBS for a long time now. I was using it on a 2009 imac and it worked flawless. Now Im running it on a WIndows 7 Device. It ''WORKED'' great buy now all of a sudden I get a white preview screen and can not get this thing to work normal again. ANyone out there know what wrong here...
  11. F

    Question / Help Desktop White screen when "Window Capture"

    Hi everyone, so i recorded videos for many years with OBS without problems, but since 2 days, when i open "window capture" and try to record browser window(firefox, Chrome...) i have a white screen. I have sound, but not image, juste white screen. I uninstall and re install GPU Driver, i clean...
  12. R

    Question / Help White screen problem

    I wanted to start streaming. Back when i set up OBS, i had another graphics card, but now I've switched to a used GTX 760. Now i only get a white screen on my preview windows, i can start the stream and it shows stuff in twitch, but i cannot edit anything. - I've tried to reinstall the graphics...
  13. M

    Question / Help White screen on the recent OBS version

    Hey all, recently ran into the following problem after booting up an old version of OBS: there is no image (just a white screen) where the capture preview is. I have done the following things: - Reinstall my graphics drivers (several times, installed old versions and recent versions) - Reinstall...
  14. E

    Question / Help OBS White Screen on Windows 10

    Hello i format my pc and after format when i open OBS i receive White Screen and i cant Capture any Window-Game.If Anyone Can Help me! Here is the log file : https://hastebin.com/rogidegeso