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Hi everyone, so i recorded videos for many years with OBS without problems, but since 2 days, when i open "window capture" and try to record browser window(firefox, Chrome...) i have a white screen. I have sound, but not image, juste white screen. I uninstall and re install GPU Driver, i clean temporary files ecc and nothing happened, same white screen, any help please? :(

Also i have Ripsaw capture card, and since 3 or 4 months with this desktop i can't record, the video stop after 2 or 3 seconds. I tried the capture card on other pc (laptop and desktop) it works perfectly on OBS... hope you can help me guys and thank you


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Scott Kyba

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It just happened to me as well. I fixed it by turning the hardware acceleration off in the browser settings. Firefox-Options- unclick Performance- unclick use hardware acceleration.. then restart fire fox and its fixed. Similar in Chrome...


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My white screen issue with recording Google Chrome, only happens on OS X. I have tried disabling hardware acceleration but the issue still happens. I am going to try Safari and Firefox next.