Question / Help OBS Causing Graphics Tablet to Crash


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I recently have been trying to use OBS for drawing streams and for recording drawing videos. The problem is that once I start either recording or streaming in OBS it causes my graphics tablet to no longer recognize the pen or the face buttons. It essential acts as though it's a normal monitor instead of a tablet. Sometime this effect is instant, other times it kicks in after 1-5 minutes, but it happens every time. I've tried running the capture of the display screen, and a capture that only records the clip studio paint window. I've tried both ways with and without cursor visibility. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling my tablet on multiple iterations of it's drivers. Nothing seems to stop this problem form occurring.

This problem also only occurs once I've started recording or streaming. Simply having OBS open doesn't seem to cause any issues with my tablet's functionality.

-Operating System: Windows 10
-OBS Version 23.1
-Graphics Tablet: Huion GT-156HD V2
-Art Program: Clip Studio Paint EX version 1.8.8

EDIT: Forgot the log filewhen I first posted -
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