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Hello! I would like to be able to play console games (using and Elgato HD 60 Pro) through OBS's preview window. That way, while streaming on Twitch, I can easily hear both my friends talking and the game without awkwardly having one earbud in from the TV and one from Discord. Plus it'd be nice for screensharing the console on Discord. However, the preview window has noticeable video and audio delay that aren't the best for playing games on (at least the video and audio are synced). Using the TV for video and OBS for the speakers as a fix still means the audio is behind by half a second or so.

So I was wondering if there was a way for OBS's preview window to have no input delay/if there's a reason it can't. I'd think it was the capture card or the computer, but Elgato's software (Game Capture HD) plays both audio and video through the computer just fine. And it'd be very weird to me if that can do something that OBS can't.

I'm not sure if a log file is particularly useful for this but just in case:


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There will always be capture delay, and in the case of OBS rendering delay. This can be VERY significant, as you've discovered.
Playing on the Preview is never advised.

What I do is use an HDMI matrix to swap my primary monitor over to a direct feed from the console, then go into Windows' sound settings (Control Panel\Sound) to the Recording tab, and enable 'listen to this device'. That way the audio plays back over the default desktop device, and OBS captures it from there, while I disable audio handling for the capture card in OBS (or set it to a different non-streamed audio track for discrete sound capture).