input delay

  1. R

    Stream/Preview/Recording Choppiness/delay

    Hi I'm getting some really choppy/bitrate overload. Not sure what it is or how to fix it.
  2. S

    Inconsistant input delay even when not recording

    I get inconsistant input delay with obs open in the backround but no frame drops, even when its not recording. I have tried various lag fixes like turning off preview, changing encoder and reducing output resolution with no change.
  3. Chirsmas95

    Preview Window Input Delay

    Hello! I would like to be able to play console games (using and Elgato HD 60 Pro) through OBS's preview window. That way, while streaming on Twitch, I can easily hear both my friends talking and the game without awkwardly having one earbud in from the TV and one from Discord. Plus it'd be nice...
  4. C

    INPUT LAG and Choppy Gameplay during Streaming

    Hello there, I occure a massive Problem while Streaming. Every Time I stream my Game doesn't feel that smooth. I play on a 144hz with 144 FPS and It feels a bit off. Plus I notice a bit of Input Delay. My FPS are fine, so is my Stream. But it feels off. Like I said, I play on a 144hz and my OBS...
  5. zSolar

    OBS crashes after I close it. When I open it again, my USB devices start lagging and OBS doesn't open.

    Recently, I have been experiencing a weird bug with the software. What happens is, after I close obs when I'm done recording/streaming, the window closes but I get hit with a message saying that it crashed. That would be fine, but when I open it again in the same session, my USB input devices...