OBS Replay Buffer recording micro clips, randomly switching output file type.


New Member
When I hit Ctrl + Z, the hotkey I've used for a long time, the replay buffer is made, but it's spread across multiple mini .ts clips, + a m3u8 file. I checked my output, for whatever reason my output switched from .ts to m3u8. I had NEVER switched my output at any point or time.

This problem came after I tried to change my hotkey. I had attempted to swap my hotkey to Alt + Z because Ctrl + Z was interfering with my games and typing. I only realized it didn't apply and I noticed the problem after I went to check a awesome play I thought I clipped. Thinking back, I think I hit apply, and then cancel not thinking about it.

Log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/HqK_FtftMtoiYRCS