1. N

    Audio bug with newer OBS version causes audio crackling, choppy mic or mic stuttering multiple time a second, OBS unusable with higher quality mics?

    For most of 2020 there have been posts about this bug on this forum and reddit etc. It seems that OBS just does not like higher quality microphones and no fix has been presented. Users who add a mic, especially higher end usb or even shotgun microphones fed via XLR find that their stream and...
  2. Speeter

    OBS virtaul Camera audio out

    Does OBS virtual CAM (Version 16) have a audio out? Thanks Speeter
  3. M

    Stream Preview Access Denied in OBS

    I was testing the "move transition" plugin and went to change the language of my OBS to English (I am Brazilian) to see how it would translate a word of the tutorial I was watching on Youtube. When I changed the language of the program, my stream preview started showing an access denied message...
  4. A

    Filter crash issue

    Hey guys, everytime I try to delete a scene filter, OBS crashes.... I have some plugins installed, so I´m afraid I have to delete some of them but I dont know where´s the problem :( Crash log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/pSbG9mrtBsLohWup Register log file...
  5. Y

    obs keeps switching scenes wile streaming or recording

    basically what's been happening is that every time I stream my obs will randomly switch scenes for example i was recording among us tonight and in the middle of the vid it just switches to my outro scene when I'm done streaming. I don't know what's going on can anybody help?
  6. H

    OBS suddenly not showing any display I use

    I was using OBS on my laptop for a little bit, and it worked perfectly fine. However, I'm not sure when it happened, but it just stopped displaying anything at all I try to add a display capture, only to get this blank screen on it, and if I actually "OK" this and add it, it's pretty much...
  7. K

    Replay Buffer Script

    Hi, im starting using the replay buffer scrpit and have 0 issues besides that when I hit to replay it always shows a bit of the replay that past before and then freezes for a bit and grabs the right one. i watched a guys tutorial but that never happened to him. any help? thank you
  8. T

    OBS freezes for a second (in stream) when I select a video in scene

    HI GUYS! i KNOW you are whay better than me in this, maybe you can help me: Whenever I try to use a new video in a scene while im on the air, the whole obs freezes for 1 second and it shows in the transmition. Long explanation: Im using 5 or 6 video sources as full screen (for example a...
  9. W

    help me please

  10. W

    Can someone help me?

  11. Nevinný WoltiX

    OBS "stopping recording" problem :(

    Hi, I would need help with OBS. When I start recording, everything is fine, but as soon as I'm about to stop recording, it bugs .. (it says "I'm stopping recording ...") Don't know how to fix it, please? https://obsproject.com/logs/c8HddEbdMwWMZZPS
  12. O

    BUG: 60fps recording 60.33fps

    Im getting variable frame rates on OBS, anyone else having this problem? 59.94 setting in obs is actually recording 69.96, and 60fps is recording 60.33 When I bring it to premiere pro, then right click on clip and select "properties", Premiere Pro says its detected "variable frame rates".
  13. C

    Cannot delete mp4 file created by Obs remux

    I recorded a video using the mkv format and had remuxing enabled so I could more easily alter it in Premiere Pro. I didnt like the video so stopped recording and deleted the mkv recording, fine. But the mp4 version it made of the file will not delete. I've tried to delete it by dragging the...
  14. SporeAltair

    OBS stopped seeing chat

    OBS refuses to use YouTube chat. On YouTube, the chat works, but it is not available on OBS. There are no problems with broadcasts, everything works. This is a problem with the latest version. When I launched the program back in the spring, everything worked. I guess the update broke the chat.
  15. V

    Sound problem (speaker)

    Hello everyone, Sorry my bad english :) My problem is that my OBS doesn't recognize any sound from my computer, only from my microphone, I did some tests, and I also don't hear any sound produced by OBS itself, I played a video and I can't hear anything, anyone who can help me? Here are some...
  16. CravenInsomniac

    Having issues using existing Sources

    Hi, As of the most recent update 25.0.8 (64bit ver.) I've been experiencing bugs when attempting to use existing sources (via "Add Existing") in general. For context on how I have everything setup; I'm using multiple scene collections, and I'm using the same general group of sources (Welcome...
  17. Z

    High GPU usage in these weeks

    Hi! In this past weekend's, i notice in my task manager while i'm streaming of OBS using 15% of gpu and two seconds later uses 30-35% or 20-25%. In the past i don't see a thing like that, only keeps to 10-15% and doesn't goes up in a seconds, i tried some things and nothing fixes it, i'd...
  18. NeoBurgerYT

    Obs not recording

    hello, the problem is simple, I record , and when I stop obs remains blocked on the button stop recording and does not record my video (I cannot restart a recording because I have to restart obs) if someone can help me to solve the problem thank you
  19. C

    Não escuto áudio do meu computador ao gravar/streamar com obs! // I don't hear audio from my computer when recording / streaming with OBS!

    Quando vou gravar no obs, ele grava o audio do meu mic, e do meu computador, porém eu próprio não escuto os sons de meu computador (observação: eu uso headsets bluetooth) (translated by google translate) When I record on the obs, it records the audio from my mic, and from my computer, but I...
  20. K

    Random disconnect, then reconnect with no discernable triggers (Log Provided)

    My session randomly disconnected tonight and then reconnected again with no discernable triggers. Anyone have any idea what generally might have happened here based on the relevant log section? Wanna make sure it wasn't on my end, but I don't understand the data. Log Highlights...