1. K

    Random disconnect, then reconnect with no discernable triggers (Log Provided)

    My session randomly disconnected tonight and then reconnected again with no discernable triggers. Anyone have any idea what generally might have happened here based on the relevant log section? Wanna make sure it wasn't on my end, but I don't understand the data. Log Highlights...
  2. carlosferrari

    OBS bug with OSX and Apple hardware h264.

    Hi. There is a bug I'v reported on this thread https://github.com/obsproject/obs-studio/issues/2760#issuecomment-653662038 about wrong FPS being recorded when using Apple Hardware h264. It seems that there is no activity on this issue and I need to start recording on 24fps for my online...
  3. porton

    Bug: Video brightness constantly flashes up and down

    The same bug as with Cheese: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/cheese/-/issues/82 With my new IMI FULL HD 1080P camera (not with the old camera) I have the video constantly flashing brightness up and down. I attach a video recorded with Cheese...
  4. L

    my obs is not using the full power of the internet

    hello, I have an internet of 100 megs dowload, 50 megs upload, but the obs is using only 900kbps of upload, I don't know what's going on, I've tried everything
  5. S

    AMF Encoder drops 100% of frames due to 'encoder lag' after some time streaming on latest AMD drivers.

    I've found that AMD driver versions above the recommended 20.4.2 seem to cause OBS to begin dropping 100% of frames due to encoder lag after about an hour or so of streaming. I've not had this issue at all on 20.4.2 only versions above. Obviously I've downgraded to fix the issue figured I'd...
  6. strobey

    Scale Filter rotated sources - not working?

    Hi, If I scale filter a rotated source the filter does not appear have any effect. Have tried the following permutations: 0deg - OK 90deg - BAD 180deg - OK I have tried both an image and also a BMD video source and see the same issue. I have searched for anyone with a similar issue but...
  7. R

    MIC Audio Filters Major BUG while Monitoring is ON!?!

    Hello everyone, I am running studio version of OBS on Mac Mojave. Using Canon DSLR as webcam using CamLive and CamTwist. For Audio i am using a Focusrite scarlett Solo. In my OBS scene, i have an Audio output linked to Soundflower which picks up my guitar plugged into the Scarlett and through...
  8. K

    OBS is breaking my primary audio device randomly for a few seconds (Log provided)

    This issue has been going on for about a month now off and on and I'm not sure what's causing it. I haven't changed anything in OBS or my hardware or Windows. I've been streaming with OBS Studio for about 3 years now and never ran into an issue like this before. Everything is up-to-date as well...
  9. K

    OBS loses primary audio device while streaming, then finds it again immediately (Log in post!)

    This issue has been going on for about a month now off and on and I'm not sure what's causing it. I haven't changed anything in OBS or my hardware or Windows. I've been streaming with OBS Studio for about 3 years now and never ran into an issue like this before. Basically, when I'm streaming...
  10. Mr Cloud

    Stream Pixelated/Streched

    Hi, So I have streamed a few times now and suddenly today this happened. Does somebody know what causes this? Or what I can do to fix it. It happens all the time. Even when I stand still or don't move or tab out. My specs are: Ryzen 5 1600x GTX 1060 6 GB 16 GB Ram Internet Speed(In case it...
  11. H

    Black screen

    I need someone to help me because I've I have tried literally everything I could find about how to fix a black screen and OBS still has a black screen. I have went through countless tutorials and I really want to to use OBS to record because I hear that its a great recording software. Anything...
  12. F

    Hotkey error

    The program mistake the key 1 with key NUM 1
  13. L

    Sudden drop to 0 kb/s, OBS becomes background process

    Been experiencing an issue every day for over a week, where after roughly 2 hours of streaming, OBS reports 0 kb/s bitrate despite the internet still working fine (I checked). It functions for a few minutes before encountering the same issue after a full restart of the program. Upon opening...
  14. F

    Crash after switching scene collection

    If I switch a scene collection, OBS will crash before it is switched (with no crash report just "not responding"). This time I tried a bit with creating a new scene collection, which works fine, and then switching back and forth and got this crash log. Maybe it helps...
  15. F

    Media Source problem

    A media source with a local file... "Play the source" and cut the scene before the media ends when i cut to this scene again, for a moment, its streamed the last frame showed, before he restarted
  16. sxiii

    Bug Report Text area does not correctly display UTF-8 symbols from file

    ## Platform Operating system and version: Manjaro 19 OBS Studio version: 25.0.8-1 ## Expected Behavior Show "☮" and other UTF-8 and 16 symbols. ## Current Behavior Does not show the UTF-8 symbols correctly even with font that has the symbols. ## Steps to Reproduce 1. Type-in the UTF-8 symbol...
  17. W

    Question / Help iMac Pro High Sierra 10.13 - OBS has suddenly stopped working

    Cheers, We were supposed to have a session this saturday, got to run with a laptop now. I tried to run OBS from terminal. I have rebooted Mac couple of times, removed and downloaded OBS again. Help appreciated. Thank you!
  18. M

    Bug Report Can't Record Screen (Black Screen)

    My problem seems to be simple, when trying to record the screen, everything is black, however none of the solutions in the first 10 pages of google have worked for me. what i have tried without results is the following: - Start in compatibility mode with windows 7 - Start as Administrator -...
  19. D

    Bug Report Not working at all with Fireface RME 802 soundcard

    Hello, I'm coming since I can't use OBS with my fireface RME 802, nor by firewire nor by USB, on Mac OS X. No sound is captured whereas the soundcard is recognized. It works perfectly with other softwares... In the logs : Fireface 802 (23675986)' initialized [input_callback]:[device 'Fireface...