[CASE CLOSED] OBS bug: OBS client forced to always on top, blocking other apps from showing.


My OBS broke when I use it for multiple instance. Here's how it occurs: I purposefully launch and use multiple instance of OBS with different profile, scenes, and stream output.

I know it's a bit cursed to use OBS for multiple instance, however it's very effective for some reason and purpose. But then after I used it in unorthodox way yesterday, it broke my windows. I cannot cycle through apps with ALT+TAB or even clicking other window, open a new window, etc2. I temporarily deal with it by minimizing OBS every time I want to use apps. It's kind of annoying bug for me. BTW, my first and second scenes involved multiple windows as a source. Not to mention I also use NDI, NDI output through OBS, and Snaz. But I think that didn't caused the problem.

PS: OBS Client doesn't have always on top feature, only for multiview and preview or program as far as I know. It's OBS client I was having problem with, the operating software.

I'm no expert here, so I would provide the logs for you.

Current log files
Last log files

If you have any suggestion, I am very open to hear it, as well as provide you more info.



Case closed boys, it's human error lol. I didn't know OBS already have always on top feature until I open drop down File menu. Sorry about that.