When switching scenes, a blink from the first scene appears in the second scene


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Hi, my problem is when switching between scenes with a stinger transition it WORKED early today but i was workin on this overlay and now i t doesnt, the problem is when i change from scene #1 (the dark one) to scene #2 (the bright one) it shows again the scene # 1 , thing that dont work: other video format, other frame rate, alternating matte, uninstalling and reinstaling or updating same error, there is no post in the forum whit the answer for this that i know at the moment, please help, it worked early today just fine

https://streamable.com/7jtbxf Video


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Hey, if you still need help. While in studio mode, click on the cog wheel next to the transition button and deselect the option "Swap Preview/Output Scenes After Transitioning". Then you don't have to be in studio mode after that. That worked for me.


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East bro I got you... click on the cog next to the stinger scene transition. click properties and where it says "Transition point" enter a value of 700. there you go, fixed! :)