1. E

    Hello OBS update with error

    My broadcast is shaking the video
  2. yossarian

    [BUG + FIX] Black preview embed window on Linux w/ HiDPI monitors

    Hi all, I'm posting this here in case anybody else finds it helpful. I was running into an issue with OBS (both the 25.x.x and 26.x.x series) where the embedded preview widow would always be black, no matter which sources I added. The windowed and fullscreen previews worked just fine, however...
  3. D

    Audio Bug When Monitoring

    So I run monitoring on my capture so I can hear the audio, but lately, it's been bugging out and buffering constantly. It sounds like the buffer rate is too low for lagless monitoring and get sounds broken. I fixed this once before by duplicating the scene and deleting the old one, but it isn't...
  4. R

    Dropped connection ONLY in OBS

    Hello! For a few months now I've been dealing with an issue within OBS while I livestream. My connection will periodically drop ONLY in OBS while my internet is steady on my PC and throughout my home. I believe it has to do with a plugin or my websocket connection to Lioranboard but I am having...
  5. M

    When I record with game capture, the window is upside down, and the cursor is upside up.

    When I started trying to record with OBS this week, I have been having issues that I haven't had for the past year I have been using OBS. When I record a specific window with game capture, the window is upside down. I figured that just a simple rotate and flip would fix the issue, but the cursor...
  6. D

    Problem with window capture when the window is not focused

    Just an observation: im not a Native American so my english can be... very curious. So, the problem is,im trying to make a record while i do other stuff, but, the screen that is recording (a youtube video) freezes when is not focused, example, Edge if focused and recording, if i get back to OBS...
  7. R

    CTRL+F1 and F1 shortcuts both trigger F1 (CTRL+F1=F1)

    Hello I'm using move transition plugin with complexe set of shortcuts If you have two move source filters, one triggered by F1 push the other triggered by CTRL+F1, when you press CTRL+F1 shortcut then both move source filters are triggered instead of the CTRL+F1 triggered scene only
  8. R

    [BUG] Moving scene order in grid view mode make it disappear

    Hello I Hope this bug has not already been reported When you click on "grid mode" view in the scene list widget and if to want to move a scene to change organisation of the list (example move last scene in the middle of the list) then the scene you dropped disappears, an empty Space is created...
  9. B

    Hotkeys do not work when tabbed into LoL

    So I do an esports broadcast for my school. I have a hotkey that uses f17, on my G1 key on a G910 keyboard. I use it to switch to a scene, but when I am tabbed into League of legends it won't work. However in LoL my hotkey that uses the h key does work, so what do I do to fix my hotkeys not...
  10. D

    2 GPU bug

    Hello! I have two GPUs (0: 2070 S, 1: 1050 Ti). If the primary monitor is one that is connected to GPU 1 and I start OBS then it will render the OBS image. If I start a recording and card 0 is checked to have NVNEC encode the video, card 1 will still perform this task.
  11. L

    Updating Source Visibility Across Different Scenes?

    Hello, I have text that is visible in one scene and then I go to hide it. It is copied in another scene so it updates across the scenes if I edit it. When I hide it in one scene I want it to update it in another scene so it is not visible in the next scene. How could I do this? Example...
  12. N

    Audio bug with newer OBS version causes audio crackling, choppy mic or mic stuttering multiple time a second, OBS unusable with higher quality mics?

    For most of 2020 there have been posts about this bug on this forum and reddit etc. It seems that OBS just does not like higher quality microphones and no fix has been presented. Users who add a mic, especially higher end usb or even shotgun microphones fed via XLR find that their stream and...
  13. Speeter

    OBS virtaul Camera audio out

    Does OBS virtual CAM (Version 16) have a audio out? Thanks Speeter
  14. M

    Stream Preview Access Denied in OBS

    I was testing the "move transition" plugin and went to change the language of my OBS to English (I am Brazilian) to see how it would translate a word of the tutorial I was watching on Youtube. When I changed the language of the program, my stream preview started showing an access denied message...
  15. A

    Filter crash issue

    Hey guys, everytime I try to delete a scene filter, OBS crashes.... I have some plugins installed, so I´m afraid I have to delete some of them but I dont know where´s the problem :( Crash log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/pSbG9mrtBsLohWup Register log file...
  16. Y

    obs keeps switching scenes wile streaming or recording

    basically what's been happening is that every time I stream my obs will randomly switch scenes for example i was recording among us tonight and in the middle of the vid it just switches to my outro scene when I'm done streaming. I don't know what's going on can anybody help?
  17. H

    OBS suddenly not showing any display I use

    I was using OBS on my laptop for a little bit, and it worked perfectly fine. However, I'm not sure when it happened, but it just stopped displaying anything at all I try to add a display capture, only to get this blank screen on it, and if I actually "OK" this and add it, it's pretty much...
  18. K

    Replay Buffer Script

    Hi, im starting using the replay buffer scrpit and have 0 issues besides that when I hit to replay it always shows a bit of the replay that past before and then freezes for a bit and grabs the right one. i watched a guys tutorial but that never happened to him. any help? thank you
  19. T

    OBS freezes for a second (in stream) when I select a video in scene

    HI GUYS! i KNOW you are whay better than me in this, maybe you can help me: Whenever I try to use a new video in a scene while im on the air, the whole obs freezes for 1 second and it shows in the transmition. Long explanation: Im using 5 or 6 video sources as full screen (for example a...
  20. W

    help me please