My obs(Mac) version 27.0.1 detect usb3.0 capture device as usb camera.


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I found the problem as I mentioned in the tiltle.
My macbook air(2014) detect my capture card as usb camera so I cant stream game anymore.
Before, I used iphone 11 pro max streaming via obs to facebook live with iphone charger cable. There were no any problem except for the 30 frame rate that cause my stream jerky. So I decide to buy capture card device to fix this problem.
The question is why my obs detect capture card as usb camera and how can I fix this problem.
Also I cant attach the image the file is too large.
Anyone know how to fix this problem please inform me Thanks all:)


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My capture device shows as USB Video and USB Audio. In OBS, add 2 sources: one for USB Video and one for USB Audio.

Not sure what the problem you has. You need to provide the detailed information to get the right help.