No Audio with 27.1.2 update today


Hey i had to rollback to 27.1.1 because noone heard any musik.Since 3 years there never was a problem like this.
- Music line had audio output in mixer (i saw the musik)
-The Mirror to my earphones also worked

Everything looked fine but there was no audio in stream.

No i just downloaded 27.1.1 andoverwriten everystuff in the obs folder and without doing something exept going online - Thestream sound worked again.


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I have a similar issue with my Microphone. I can hear it in stream or recordings when set to Monitor & output or just to monitor - but when monitor off (and should go to output) its silent...


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Helmer Nina

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[QUOTE = "R1CH, publicación: 544475, miembro: 60"]
Hemos retirado la actualización y estamos publicando una solución ahora.
Dónde podemos ver esa solución?