OBS with XComposite (not XSHM) showing suddenly other window (Dino) causing leak


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Hello together,

first some data about my system:

Window manager: FVWM-Crystal 3.4.1
Distribution: Debian Linux 11
OBS: 1:27.0.1-dmo2 (64-bit)

Here is a small story: I was streaming live on Twitch a game and always have OBS on an other desktop (#2) while I stream on desktop #1. I chatted with Dino on desktop #8 sometimes. I have always OBS open on that desktop to check if I'm streaming not just fullscreen my webcam but the game,. that the game or me is not muted and so on.

Under OBS I have setup scenes for each game to capture only the window of the game (or IDE, program, xterm ...) and not the whole desktop. Like I did for Factorio (the game I was playing when this was happening). When I switch to OBS to check if all is fine and Dino (Jabber chat program) is not shown, it was actually shown and the selected window was showing "Device not connected or not available" but Dino was visible.

Of course, this isn't acceptable. And most streamers are having 2 computers, one for streaming only and the other for private stuff (like chatting, etc.) but for those like me, with only one computer, this can be a nightmare, if not aware of which I was some time ago. So this wasn't the first time OBS was doing this, "forgetting" the selected window.

So this is the small story I wanted to share with you, that you hopefully address this issue (as it might be a big privacy leak) soon. For now, since I'm aware of this issue, I quit Dino, Linphone and surely gthumb, I don't want any private pictures visible on a public stream.

I also want to suggest to you, that you might add some blacklist/ban-list feature, where users/streamers can ban program titles likes Dino, Linphone, etc. so it will never show up in OBS (means being streamed/recorded).

Best regards,

PS: Factorio contains a version number in it's window title. Do you have some regular expression that filters out the version number? It would help the cause a lot!


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I have also noticed this from other games, e.g. Planet Crafter which has NO version number in their program title. So maybe a bit unrelated to the version number thing?