1. Susko3

    Hide Desktop Icons While Streaming 2023.1216.0

    Just a simple plugin that will automatically hide icons on your desktop while streaming or recording are active. It does the same as toggling Show desktop icons in the right-click menu on the desktop. When you start streaming or recording, the desktop icons will hide for the duration of your...
  2. roland77

    OBS with XComposite (not XSHM) showing suddenly other window (Dino) causing leak

    Hello together, first some data about my system: Window manager: FVWM-Crystal 3.4.1 Distribution: Debian Linux 11 OBS: 1:27.0.1-dmo2 (64-bit) Here is a small story: I was streaming live on Twitch a game and always have OBS on an other desktop (#2) while I stream on desktop #1. I chatted with...
  3. S

    [Guide] How to fix OBS not showing up in "Screen Recording" permission tab

    I hope this guide can help you for OBS not showing up in the System Preference -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Screen Recording. The problem might be caused by "System Integrity Protection" being disabled in your computer. In order to enable it, you can check out this guide...