Media Sources Play Back At Wrong Framerate Randomly


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I've been having an issue with version 27.1.3. I am 100% sure it wasn't happening on an older version I was using, but I also skipped a few versions so I couldn't tell you exactly when it started.

I have a number of media sources (mostly video and webm transparent video) that run concurrently over my livestream. About 75% of the time, one or more of them will start playing back at the wrong frame rate - about half of normal. In other words: chop chop chop chop chop. This happens seemingly at random, and can happen at any time while OBS is open. Once they start playing back at the wrong framerate, nothing can fix them short of restarting OBS or deleting the source and adding it from scratch.

It's not an issue with CPU or GPU usage, as both of those are well under 10% usage for the most part. I'm having the issue with my desktop and laptop - both have Nvidia cards and are using NVENC, but they are of drastically different generations so I'm pretty sure it's not that. It also happens whether I am actually encoding or not. I am using the most up to date video drivers.

Attached is a log file wherein one of the media sources ("opening/closing video") had the issue immediately upon loading. I then recreated the media source and it played normally. This is very frustrating because I can't find any other complaints about this happening, but it happens with such regularity on my computers that I don't understand what could be going wrong. What next steps should I take to help out?


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