OBS stuck at "Stopping Recording" and then deletes 4 Hours of Recording


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[2021-05-29 21-39-21] OBS_log

I recorded myself playing a game that lasted 4 hours of first impressions. Upon ending the recording OBS' Stop Recording button remained frozen on "Stopping Recording". This is the first time I've had this happen to me and after mashing the hotkey a few times, I simply exited the program. Interestingly, OBS continued to record even after I closed it and simply retreated to the taskbar's hidden icons. Yet somehow my task manager does not list OBS running at all in the Apps or Background Processes. I opened a new OBs only to be prompted with this message:

After hitting "Launch Anyway", OBS finally stopped recording and could I record and save a new file just fine. But there was no trace of the previous 4 hours I've recorded. No file exists anywhere apart from one labeled the same as the log, but only with an hour of recording and no sound. Furthermore, skipping through the video doesn't work as the screen in VLC goes gray and then continues playing from the beginning instead of skipping further in the video. I then attempted to remux the file from .mkv to .mp4 to no avail.

And just like that, no trace of the video anywhere... Just gone -- poof! -- right into thin air. It's ridiculous; I thought the .mkv format was supposed to save in the event of a crash or something similar and yet nothing. It's not like I lost anything too important, but it happened once and now I'm scared that OBS is now unreliable when I'm recording something more important later.

Any input on the matter would be much appreciated...