BUG Report: OBS 29.0 Fullscreen Projector appears Pale

Uncle Jyro

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The preview window shows my capture source just fine. (elgato) but using Fullscreen Projector the image becomes washed out. Like the brightness has been cranked up or the gamma moved way off.
Images are the Preview and the Projector.
I'll just be rolling back my version for now. I've tested it and the old version still works as expected.


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I got a similar bug and I think they are related.
see if that is related by disabling the ChromaKey filter
You also mentionned using Elgato. I'm using Elgato Facecam. The bug appear around the same time I updated OBS to 29.0.2 and the same time I updated the bios on the camera. however, I don't have any problem with the camera in other program. Only OBS capture can repoduce the bug, so I don't think it's related to the camera itself. To see the bug, follow this video: Youtube OBS Bug