bug report

  1. P

    [Worst BUG] Desktop audio doesn't work when the device disconnect or change

    Worst bug for me, latest obs and even older versions, when I open obs (with desktop audio set on default) with speakers and I connect Bluetooth headphones (and changed on windows volume) it will remain on speakers, even if I try to change manually on obs, I need to restart obs to switch device...
  2. C

    [Bug Report] If nvenc becomes unavailable, the encoder stays as nvenc and it isn't possible to change it.

    So last year I borrowed a friends GTX 750, and on December I decided to give it back and get a GT 1030 for myself. OBS became uncapable of streaming with the typical "Failed to initialize video", but it could record videos. Turns out that the 1030 doesn't have NVENC support. The configuration...
  3. bartuela

    Bug report on scroll filter and text files

    If I apply a vertical scroll to a Text resource pointing a file with more than 33 (behaviour is consistent only with this amount) consecutive line feeds, the text disappears and do not get rendered. OBS 26.0.2 Linux Steps to reproduce: Create a scene with a text resource pointing a text file...
  4. R

    Failed to connect to (any) server. (Twitch issue)

    Hey I'm trying to stream but the OBS are showing this error since last tuesday (8). Things i have tried that didn't worked - Reinstall OBS - Connect to other server - Format pc (Yep i'm desperate) - Contacted ISP we tried for 2 hours - disabled firewall - Updated OBS (12/14) - Tried to change...
  5. B

    OBS Crashes when editing Text Source

    Whenever I edit a the font of a text source, OBS crashes. Literally there is nothing else I do. However I noticed that whenever I try to close the app as well, it crashes instead of actually closing, and doesn't automatically load the scene collection I was working on. It just goes to a default...
  6. R

    CTRL+F1 and F1 shortcuts both trigger F1 (CTRL+F1=F1)

    Hello I'm using move transition plugin with complexe set of shortcuts If you have two move source filters, one triggered by F1 push the other triggered by CTRL+F1, when you press CTRL+F1 shortcut then both move source filters are triggered instead of the CTRL+F1 triggered scene only
  7. R

    [BUG] Moving scene order in grid view mode make it disappear

    Hello I Hope this bug has not already been reported When you click on "grid mode" view in the scene list widget and if to want to move a scene to change organisation of the list (example move last scene in the middle of the list) then the scene you dropped disappears, an empty Space is created...
  8. FrozdY

    [Bug Report] Switching "Scene collection"

    When I switch to another scene collection, there's no updates after adding a source, so I have to switch to another scene and then back to view the changes in sources. Audio sources were only updated whenever I started recording. The standard audio sources were just gone. What steps did I take...
  9. P

    Image Slide Show not stopping

    Hi. I have an image slide show with 9 images on loop. I want it to stop playing when its not visible and start from the beginning when its visible. This would seem to need the option 'stop when not visible, restart when visible' selected, however when I use this and have the multiview window...
  10. S

    OBS Studio 25.0.8 not recognising fonts after system restart

    I have been doing a lot of work on custom overlays recently and after installing and testing a number of fonts and using them in some of my designs I am confused as after a restart of my PC they no longer work. I have checked and they are definitely still installed as they appear in the dropdown...
  11. T

    Bug Report - OBS doesn't work on Mac OS X 11.0 (Big Sur)

    It looks like OBS isn't working on the newest OS X. When I try to open it, it says it quit unexpectedly. I'm using OBS version 25.0.8.
  12. P

    Pause/Resume Recording Doubles or Triples CPU usage

    https://obsproject.com/logs/IR9mIidpY0kogFPy https://obsproject.com/logs/kJE2zrdi5WV6WYR- Issue repeatable in two different systems. Pausing and resuming recording a video in the i5 system increases cpu usage from 10 to 20%. The 2200g + rx 580 system also increases cpu usage from 12 to 37%.
  13. B

    Random Audio Sources not being sent to Stream/Recording, need to restart OBS multiple times to fix

    Every time I go live or start a recording, and listen back to them, if I haven't restarted OBS at least once or twice, one audio source that's always an "output", not an "input" (desktop audio vs line in), gets lost somewhere between OBS and the destination, whether that be a local recording or...
  14. B

    Youtube not picking up live stream

    So, as of recently, I decided to go live on YouTube, but strangely, my stream did not pick up on YouTube. OBS said I was live, but I could not find my own stream to even find stream chat. I made sure I was using the right service and stream keys, and nothing worked. Even though OBS said I was...
  15. M

    Bug Report Browser Source Canvas Text Not Rendering

    Hi, I'm trying to display an animation I created in HTML that uses some HTML5 features such as the canvas element. I am drawing planets orbiting stars and putting text on them. This works perfectly fine when I load them normally in both Firefox and Chrome but when I use the "Browser" source in...
  16. M

    Bug Report Can't Record Screen (Black Screen)

    My problem seems to be simple, when trying to record the screen, everything is black, however none of the solutions in the first 10 pages of google have worked for me. what i have tried without results is the following: - Start in compatibility mode with windows 7 - Start as Administrator -...
  17. Razz2

    MKV File Corruption

    Hi, I'm not sure if posting this here (and tagging it Bug Report) is the correct place, so please correct me if needed. I have had a number of compatibility issues in the past in FCPX with the MP4 files I get from remux-ing an MKV out of OBS. I decided to try different app to convert the MKV...
  18. Trigonomancer

    Bug Report Custom font not appearing on OBS upon PC restart

    I've been having problems with my OBS GDI+, I like this 100% free font called "flipps", it's a pixel arty font. The problem is that I install the .otf file and restart OBS so it detects it, it works, but as soon as I restart my computer the text does not display until I reinstall the font and...
  19. theredchord411

    Bug Report 23.2.1 Crashes When Loading Waves VST Plug-ins

    Log File: https://obsproject.com/logs/u4LNlLaLmWre2Tfy I'm currently trying to use my Waves Studio (https://www.waves.com/plugins) plugins in OBS and whenever I load in any of them, OBS consistently crashes. I've included my last log file.
  20. K

    Bug Report Replay Buffer with Rate Control set to CBR records clips shorter than the determined length

    It seems that the Replay Buffer records clips significantly shorter than what I've set when the Rate Control is set to CBR. For example, Replay Buffer @ 25Mbps set to 300 seconds will end up only recording up to 180 seconds. The file size of the clip is about ~500MB instead of the estimated...