bug report

  1. K

    Bug Report OBS Font bug (Only numbers)

    Greetings. My OBS was working just fine until today, when font responsible for numbers 1234567890 started replacing them with ੧੨੩੪੫੬੭੮੯੦ - Even though I am using English as the language of OBS and system and base font. Everything else is fine, but just numbers are complete gibberish and...
  2. DaRealGalaxy

    Bug Report I cannot move things(such as facecam,overlay,ect)

    I want to move my face cam but it wont move and nothing is locked.
  3. ATFx

    Bug Report Regression: Rocket League capture too dark

    After updating from 22.0.2 to 23.0.1 on Manjaro Linux, OBS no longer correctly captures Rocket League correctly. The brightness is too dark (see attached screenshots). This affects "Window Capture (Xcomposite)". It does not affect "Screen Capture (XSHM)". This also does not appear to affect all...
  4. J

    Bug Report OBS New Twitch Panels ( Twitch Chat , Twitch Stats , Twitch Activity , Twitch Stream Title )

    this new Panels or Modules are GREAT new feature, just is sign up with twich in OBS and voaila , BUT i have recently NOTICED in the first update that added this and the latest update till this date im wrinting this, that EVERYTIME i Restart ( Close and Open ) my OBS that SPECIFIC Panels...
  5. M

    Bug Report OBS 23.0.2 Will Not Record Minecraft 1.13.2

    Hey, I have used OBS Studio for a while, and I love it. I recently updated it to OBS to 23.0.2, and now it won't record Minecraft 1.13.2. It WILL record 1.12.2, but it's just a blank screen in the preview when I try to record 1.13. I hope this is just a bug for this update and it will be fixed...
  6. S

    Question / Help Game is 60+FPS while OBS & recording is less than set FPS!

    Specs: EVGA GTX 1070 SC in SLI Intel i5-7600K CPU 3.8GHz (doesn't improve recording at 4.2GHz) 32GB Corsair RAM (2666 clocked speeds XMP) Asus STRIX z270-F motherboard 3TB WD hard drive space I tried every setting on YouTube (all seen to be the same) and my own settings but the gameplay seems...
  7. D

    Question / Help Stream Randomly stops

    So i stream a lot of VR and my stream sometimes completely stops, in OBS studio it shows its still streaming but at 0kbps and a network error on twitch for viewers, if i press the stop streaming button it stays as "Stopping stream" and have to manually close OBS Studio. I have no idea whats...
  8. P

    Bug Report Computer completely freezing when I add my monitor screen to the "Sources"

    I installed OBS yesterday and I still have this bug, when I add my monitor screen to the sources part so that it can record my screen while streaming or recording my computer completely freezes I can't move my mouse so I have to force reset my computer by holding down the power button until it...
  9. S

    Bug Report The problem is the Russian version of OBS

    On the Russian version of the program, the stream does not start, the type says that you need to update the driver, and in the English version starts the stream without problems. Stream via intel quick sync encoder
  10. P

    Question / Help Unable to write - I don't know why

    So I opened up obs and this error message popped up: "Unable to write to C:/Users/jonph/Videos/Sounds2018-12-1721-36-30.mp4. Make sure you're using a recording path which your user account is allowed to write to and that there is sufficient disk space." I don't know why this is a problem as I...
  11. mistermv

    Question / Help Using animated GIF as image mask makes everything lag when GIF loops

    Hello everyone! (log file attached) So I had this silly idea to make people laugh during my waiting/break screens (PREVIEW VIDEO), this is basically a capture of foobar with a color key, some color adjustments and an image mask filter playing a 7.5mb GIF (I've tried with bigger files before...
  12. L

    API BUG: Create an invisible duplicated source leaks one frame on creation

    Hi, I was fiddling with the OBS API to duplicate sources on-the-fly and found a bug. Or maybe I'm not doing it right. With a plugin I just create a duplicated source from a webcam and at the moment of creation I set the source invisible. The problem is that some times the source leaks one...
  13. F

    Bug Report (23.1.0) Duplicate source/scene

    With the options "Duplicate font" and "Duplicate scene " enabled, I hide a source and this goes to live. This started happening after upgrading to the 22.0.1 version. --------------------- I upgraded to the 22.0.2 version today (2018-08-31) and the error persists
  14. S

    Bug Report After the OBS failure, memory began to leak [cef-bootstrap.exe]

    When i use OBS with VST plugin it crahed. My pc slowed. in task manager i see: Sorry, my english is not good.
  15. T

    Bug Report Game Capture not Working

    Stated above in title. Will provide any information necessary. When I use game capture and select the specific game, nothing shows up.
  16. S

    Question / Help Blank Window

    Recently, OBS has stopped working as normal. When it launches, I only get a blank white window instead of the interface. I can't stream or record, or do anything with it like this. I can't even resize the window, minimize it, or close it. I've attached a screenshot so you can see it for...
  17. V

    Bug Report Serious Issues

    I’ve been using obs for a while and it is capable of being used in my device, only, it sucks. It was lagging so bad that it would pause on a frame and leave it for at least 10 minutes or more and I recently freed at least 100Gb and it’s worse, I was streaming a game and it picked one frame and...
  18. K

    Bug Report -

  19. L

    Bug Report 12 minute 35GB unwatchable MP4

    As the title implies OBS is creating monstrously large files that cannot be watched... (log: https://gist.github.com/2a68654a4911f02bc134283a7ed09060) I just did a 3-minute file that was 10GBs and also unwatchable: https://gist.github.com/700a7bcf30704eaf7ed6fa5f9e9f90ad Looked through the logs...
  20. D

    Bug Report [OBS 20.0.1] Problem With BrowserSource

    Hello, I have used OBS for a very long time and I found error messing around with OBS-Studio after few updates later I still have that problem. IMAGE of the problem: Explaining What I am doing in the Image: So... This Happened when I thought can this work? My Answer is no, lol So The Error...