Bug Report Custom font not appearing on OBS upon PC restart


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I've been having problems with my OBS GDI+, I like this 100% free font called "flipps", it's a pixel arty font.
The problem is that I install the .otf file and restart OBS so it detects it, it works, but as soon as I restart my computer the text does not display until I reinstall the font and then restart OBS, even tho OBS still sees that the font exists when going into the GDI+ properties.
steps for reproducing:
-Download and install custom font
-test it on OBS
-restart computer
-open OBS
The text should not display at all

This is how it looks like when broken:

How it looks like while the font is still working:


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I have also recently encountered this. Used to work fine on my laptop, and doesn't work at all on my new PC. Any fixes on the horizon?


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When installing the font, select to do it "for all users" (requires admin). Per-user font installation is buggy.