1. YuaBeVibin

    Lost all GDI+ on scene collection via transfer to OBS on Mac (Mac OS El Capitan)

    I've lost all my text upon transferring scene collection to my iMac (from a Windows 10 machine), I didn't realise the Mac version only supports FreeType 2. There's also fundamental features that are only on GDI+ that I need. What's the fastest way to convert my text to FreeType or a compatible...
  2. RU_1n

    Is there any tools or solutions to GDI+ text in OBS can support Twitch emotes?

    Im so interested.
  3. K

    Is Text GDI+ available in Mac?

    Trying to do some text outline and YouTube has use of Text GDI+ but don't see in in dropdown as option or search of forum. Please help?
  4. A

    Manipulate only certain part of GDI text

    I am wondering how to recreate what StreamLabs does for Alerts. Specifically how to manipulate variables by changing colour or animate them. For example like they have only affected the username in this screenshot for a Follow notification. I can create 2 GDI text sources of course, but how do...
  5. W

    Crash on font changing on every OBS version

    This is 2nd thread about that problem. 1st sinking to the deep here I have a problem that my OBS crashes when I am trying to change font of my GDI+ text. I tried several OBS versions such as...
  6. W

    Crash on font changing on every OBS version

    I have a problem that my OBS crashes when I am trying to change font of my GDI+ text. I tried several OBS versions such as latest 26.0.2 release and 25.0.8 and others. And every time it crashes at the same point. I have inspected the crash log and it says that the problem is in...
  7. U


    upgradeQ submitted a new resource: OBS-VirtualChat - Write to text source , using only keyboard. Read more about this resource...
  8. U

    OBS Lua OBS-VirtualChat 1.1.0

    OBS-VirtualChat Write to text source , using only keyboard. MCOSU full screen example see demo Setup - download ,add it via Tools > Scripts > + button - create hotkeys for on/off. Search for "Restart" and "Stop" in settings Usage - Restart hotkey clears buffer and hooks keyboard - Stop...
  9. G

    Center local file Text (GDI+) Source?

    Is there a way to center a Text (GDI+) source when the content comes from a local txt file? I want to put some text on my screen, have it centered, and have it STAY centered when the text being displayed changes. All I can find at the moment is to center the source box, but the left part of the...
  10. M

    Question / Help GDI+ text source issue/work flow?

    I need to display text on live video - the text changes at random intervals based on certain parameters.. I have a program that updates the text in the text file when it needs to be changed based on the parameters. The "text from file" option in GDI+ text source works fine but there is an...
  11. Trigonomancer

    Bug Report Custom font not appearing on OBS upon PC restart

    I've been having problems with my OBS GDI+, I like this 100% free font called "flipps", it's a pixel arty font. The problem is that I install the .otf file and restart OBS so it detects it, it works, but as soon as I restart my computer the text does not display until I reinstall the font and...
  12. Aerocles

    Question / Help CSS Font Family on Text GDI+

    hello! I am running into a problem of sorts. I have custom CSS for an HTML file (as a Text GDI+ source), and the css editor works fine. However, when I do the same with just a regular .txt file (as a Text GDI+ source), the css font family specifically does not change. All other CSS commands...
  13. curs0r

    Bug Report GDI+ Text Pixelated / Rendered Strangely

    I'm using a GDI+ text field with its contents loaded from a text file (that will get updated over time with different texts with variable lengths) then I apply to it a scrolling filter. Everything works fine and the text scrolls ok but over time (especially when I reopen the app to make a new...