Bug Report GDI+ Text Pixelated / Rendered Strangely


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I'm using a GDI+ text field with its contents loaded from a text file (that will get updated over time with different texts with variable lengths) then I apply to it a scrolling filter.

Everything works fine and the text scrolls ok but over time (especially when I reopen the app to make a new broadcast the text gets completely unreadable)
If I reset the scroll to 0 the text gets rendered normally again... especially if I remove the scroll filter and re-add it.

That is bad because I can't make a proper broadcast with those fields... :(

I'll post an image as soon as I'm back in my broadcast computer...

The contents of the text file vary from being empty and having content.
Example content: "California Sector GB-X c1-1 - Low Security - type: T Tauri Star, TTS5Va 0.88 Solar Masses"

Image: Problem rendering.

Image Example of Correct Render (game not playing)

Computer specs: GTX 1080, I7 8700k 16Gigs RAM Game being player with Oculus Rift CV1

How annoying is this? :(
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