Hotkeys doing more than they should.

I set my 4 scenes with
Hotkey "1" - Signal
Hotkey "2" - Intro
Hotkey "3" - Main
Hotkey "4" - Outro

Then I setup some sources within "Main" with
Hotkey "Shift+1" - Show Webcam
Hotkey "Shift+2" - Show Browser
Hotkey "Shift+3" - Show VLC

When I'm in "Main" and I press "Shift+1" it starts to show the camera AND almost immediately jumps to scene "Signal", s there a fix/workaround?


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Use mutually exclusive hotkey combinations.

Unlike other programs that use key shortcuts, OBS uses hotkeys. These are global combinations that are set up, that activate any time that combination is met, regardless of which program is in focus. You're having both the "Signal" and "Show Webcam" actions happen when you press Shift+1 because Shift+1 satisfies both hotkey conditions.

To get around this, you could use Alt+1/2/3/4 for your first group, as the Alt key isn't pressed in your 2nd group. (I highly recommend adding modifier combimations to every hotkey, otherwise it will activate any time you're typing normally and want to press 1/2/3/4)