Immersed OBS Bug


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The Meta Quest 2 app "Immersed" works great with OBS Studio, unless you 3 or more Screens open. Immersed allows you to open more screens virtually in your Meta Quest 2 headset, it has to be connected to it's mother program however. Where the bug comes in is when you have 3 or more virtual screens open at any time, one of them being your real desktop. If you have 3 screens open OBS tells you when trying to record that there are too many programs recording at any given point.

What Immersed does is act as another desktop input. The reason I used Immersed with OBS Studio is because I get access to the Immersed Webcam, and other screens which help streamline the recording process. If this is a problem you cannot fix I understand, but any help would be appreciated.

Thank you for reading,
- AnotherBlueWolf