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    Recording Outputs are Slightly Blurry

    Hey everyone, I'm running into trouble with my recordings for OBS. I'm doing local recordings (not streaming) with the intent of just using OBS to make talking head videos. I have a Canon EOS Rebel SL3 wired up to my Macbook Pro, which is what I'm using to record. I also have a Shure SM7db...
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    Immersed OBS Bug

    The Meta Quest 2 app "Immersed" works great with OBS Studio, unless you 3 or more Screens open. Immersed allows you to open more screens virtually in your Meta Quest 2 headset, it has to be connected to it's mother program however. Where the bug comes in is when you have 3 or more virtual...
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    Device Properties not recognizing external camera

    Hello, First time using OBS. I tried to add my external camera to display in the software by following this tutorial, which is the same as many others out there. I confirmed that the camera is recognized by my computer as being connected to it. After going to Sources and adding a new Video...