Dock-panels size after re-open


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Hey guys, I need help with an issue. Has anyone encountered this problem before? I have two dock panels on the side of my viewing window, which I adjust to the size I need, see screenshot 1. However, after I exit OBS and log back in, these two panels revert back to their original size, as shown in screenshot 2.

2023-05-15_18-35-01 (2).png

After re-open OBS:



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Also having this issue: Windows 11 // OBS 29.1.3

As I want it:

After closing and then reopening OBS:


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It doesn't save my sizes either. OBS 29.1.3 on Ubuntu Studio 22.04 LTS (Linux). I've taken to cleverly arranging things so that the unavoidable auto-size comes up with something usable. Restart OBS to test, rearrange, restart again, until it's close enough and not confusing.

In the case shown here, the middle stack of Scene Transitions and Controls determines the height of everything else. After a while, you develop a feel for how each thing counts, what "props up" and what "squishes", etc., and you can design your layout to that.

It would be a lot nicer if it would remember the sizes, but until then......