"Bug report" keyboard shortcuts do not work on Wayland outside the active window


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Hello !
I'm on Arch distribution of wayland Plasma Desktop.
When I'm in obs itself the hotkeys work fine, but when I switch to the presentation window or my browser to start recording (even though obs is open and running) the hotkeys don't work to start recording for example . (I have tried several times with different keys and it did not work. I am sure that the shortcut keys are not used by another program.


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Starting the session in Gnome Xorg instead of the default Wayland solves the issue. I'm on Fedora 39 with the Flathub OBS release.

That's annoying as it forces to log out and back in, or to use Xorg by default, but at least there's a solution. I hope hotkeys will eventually work in Wayland someday.