"OBS did not shut down properly during your last session" MAC


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it keeps popping up when I try to start OBS, but that's not ture, I did shot down everything properly last time I used it and now I dont know how to fix it. Anyone any idea?


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Same exact problem for me. I used it yesterday with no issues but now OBS won’t boot up for me at all.


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Hello team! I have same problem :( delete app many time, reboot system, but app still not started :( pls check my file


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I would highly reccomend going to the Discord with these issues - I wen't there and posted my issue on the Mac support thread and was guided through the issue and my application is now fixed!

You will be able to see my talk with the dev in the recent discord chat which could also help you!

Go to the obs website > Help to get a link to the discord or click the link below.