Mac Preview doesn't work if we build OBS with QT 5.12


We are developing a plugin for OBS. While trying to build from source with latest QT 5.12 installed from brew, I found that the preview remains white and doesn't show any sources. This doesn't happen with earlier versions 5.10 and 5.11. Is 5.12 supported yet?

We stumbled upon another issue with 5.10 and thats why we tried to upgrade. Has anybody seen a UI issue in Properties Window like the attached screenshot?




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That's no good. We currently build against 5.10.1 I believe. We've seen stability issues in 5.11 (mostly a crash with the Interact capability of the Browser source), and 5.12 we have not tested - we do not expect to upgrade to it unless it solves the 5.11 crash and doesn't break anything else (the preview seems like a big deal breaker).
It's just that brew installs 5.12 only now and I don't seem to find a 3rd party tap to install 5.10.1. Do you know of any?

Also, any comments about the Properties window screenshot I attached? It happens only when we use mac default screen and doesn't happen when I use external monitor. Makes me think something to do with Mac default screen's weird resolution 1280x800.
In case you're wondering how I tested with 5.10 and 5.11 before, we just modified the brew installer script to point to the commit for the 5.10.1 bottle and installed with it. But I am not sure if this is expected to work. So, if you know of any 5.10.1 tap, that will be helpful.
Ok, looks like only Qt 5.9.3 works completely fine with latest OBS codebase. There are two major issues with 5.10:
- With Mac default screen in Mojave, Video Capture device properties window UI is messed up.
- If I remain in the messed up window for some time, the whole system locks up (yes!). Only hard reset can recover from it. And it seems to be related to the main preview because when I added code to disable the preview, Properties window didn't lock up the system.

In summary, Qt 5.10 seem to have some issues. I have filed a bug:

If time permits, I will try to find the root cause and try to fix it (once my project commitments are low).