Window Capture in OBS26 not working like in OBS25

TJ Asher

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Just downloaded the latest OBS26 to get the native virtual camera.

Had a scene set up in OBS25 that captured a sound level meter window from Audio Hijack.

Under version 25 this worked perfectly and captured the window whenever it was visible.

Under version 26 this window is not showing and is not even shown in the list of available windows. Something broken with the new version.

Tried complete reboot of the Mac. No change. Old window that showed and could be captured in version 25 will not show in version 26.

No other software changes other than OBS. Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7.

Any suggestions or is this simply a bug?

EDIT - reverted back to version 25.0.8 and the window in question is captured. Will be sticking with 25.0.8 for now until fixed.

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