window capture will not display videos playing in the background when another window is overlapping it


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this used to be an issue that recently came back to me, open a video displaying it in obs window capture, it will only show up when I have that window up on my screen, if I overlap it with another window of any program (even another window in google chrome) the video will disappear and become gray and while the video is playing it will look like this so I can't run video in the background like I used to unless it's my active window.

before I used to be able to fix this by turning off hardware accelerator on google chrome but it's still off and I'm having this issue even after turning it on and off, I even tried turning off the hardware accelerator under sources in advance settings, I have found no other fixes to help me out currently


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ok well after doing some back and forth on reddit threads I seem to figure it out
chrome://flags/#temporary-unexpire-flags-m96 ENABLE THIS
chrome://flags/#calculate-native-win-occlusion This will return and then DISABLE it

videos now work in the background no matter what window is overlaying it