Window not in Window/Game Capture selection (PaC-DK Game Engine)

Lukas ThyWalls

New Member

I was trying to capture the free game Dinner with an Owl, but i found that OBS doesn't detect the window game at all, using Game and Window Capture. With Display Capture the game is shown, but is the first time i found a main window game is not detected/listed at all although it is in the taskbar with Window Capture at least, but the game uses OpenGL, DirectX9 or DirectX11, so it should be detected by Game Capture too.

Doing some research, i found the issue is related to the engine PaC-DK (The Point & Click Development Kit) as other games have the same issue, i used Alühn because is only a zip file (All i found are free, so they can be checked them out).

In the games, there is a Settings.exe in the main folder to put the game in Window/fullscreen, and also to set the API to use OpenGL, DirectX9 or DirectX11. I set in Window and i tested every API setting with the same result.

To view the issue, these are two screenshots with the game opened and in display with Window and Game capture, and both don't list the game (but is shown in the taskbar):


The only thing not usual i see is the game window hasn't minimize/maximize buttons:

I don't know what kind of window is that, but it could be useful to know to report it better.
So the point is:
  • Is something i can do to capture only the window with Window/Game Capture? (As i said, i know i can capture with display capture, but i feel something is weird in this case as opposed of other time you need to use Display Capture).
  • Can be updated Window/Game Capture to detect this kind of window (What ever kind of window is that)?
  • Maybe i can report the issue in the PaC-DK Forum, i don't know if it is in development anymore (last version is from 2018) but if i can gather some info of what is happening here it can be fixed somehow.
Thanks in advance!