Why won't OBS record the share screen during online meetings?


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  • I used both GMeet and Teams Meeting (browser version, not app)
  • My OBS is set to Window Capture the Google Chrome window where the meeting is
  • During the meeting, I often go to another window (not the one being recorded by OBS)
  • In the resulting video, the share screen becomes black! It will only show the powerpoint sometimes, then it will go black again. This doesn't happen in the meeting, only in the resulting video.
Why does the share screen becomes black if I go to window #2 even though OBS is already set to record window #1? How do I stop this from happening?


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Do you minimize the meeting? It doesn't render anymore when you do that, so there's nothing to capture. Keep the window "up", and put something over top of it when you don't want to see it.