1. S

    Show Image from Image Directory Source (not a slideshow)

    I have a directory of many images (200+) and would like to be able to add the entire directory as a source to OBS. Ideally, I could leaf through the images while live and click on one to show the image on stream maybe with a fade in and out after X seconds. If that's not possible, what's the...
  2. a_0vi

    When changing photo in photo viewer(window capture) the scene automatically switches to default scene. (or how to generalize window capture?)

    i am recording my online class and for this, i need to show PDFs/images/flash files one after another. i am using Auto scene switcher in OBS to automatically switch between these scenes. the scene 'camera' - source: 'Video Capture Device' (dshow_input) is selected in the option When no window...
  3. CravenInsomniac

    Having issues using existing Sources

    Hi, As of the most recent update 25.0.8 (64bit ver.) I've been experiencing bugs when attempting to use existing sources (via "Add Existing") in general. For context on how I have everything setup; I'm using multiple scene collections, and I'm using the same general group of sources (Welcome...
  4. S

    Image Slides Shows and Images Turn into Black Page After A Random Time

    Hello. I have created many scenes with many sources for each scene. For example, in one scene, I have audio, image slide show, and video capture. When I first put everything into OBS it worked fine. A day or two later, I opened up the OBS app to find that every source worked except the image...