Having issues using existing Sources


New Member

As of the most recent update 25.0.8 (64bit ver.) I've been experiencing bugs when attempting to use existing sources (via "Add Existing") in general.
For context on how I have everything setup; I'm using multiple scene collections, and I'm using the same general group of sources (Welcome image source, scene with a group of audio sources, etc...) with some added/removed here or there depending on the collection.

My issues are that not only are there some image sources that can be found within the "Add Existing" section that I did not add to the scene collection. If I try to import these assets they do not import properly and just disappear. Furthermore, if I try to add an asset with matching name the system blocks it stating that the name is already in use. If I were using few sources this wouldn't be an issue, I could just prefix the source and be on my way. But I'm dealing with lots of varying sources, this is cause a tremendous amount of bloat. These issues were not occurring on the previous version (24.x.x) for me.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.