OBS v28: OBS Scene Queue doesn't support OBS Websocket v5 which is used in OBS v28. You should install a compatible websocket version found here in order to use OBS Scene Timer.


This basic application lets you configure your scene sequence before the show, so that you only have to press "Next" during the show.

The main reason I've built this application is to relieve stress during shows, where scenes may be changed rather quickly after each other and/or must be shown in a specific sequence.

This application is useful when scenes must be shown in a specific order or sequence. You can create a queue for your show by dragging the scenes (and other plugin queue items) in order. During the show you just need to click "Next" without having to worry about knowing which scene you should look up in all the available scenes in OBS.

The only setup it requires:
- download the latest version of the OBS Scene Queue and run it (run the .jar with Java).
- specify the obs-websocket connection address in the settings and restart OBS Scene Queue.
- create your Queue and you are ready for the show!

This Java application can run on any computer with at least Java 8 and will connect with OBS on the same computer or over network. So it is not required to run on the same PC as OBS.

Plugins can be created for this application, so more types of queue items can be used. Check the readme on GitHub for a list of available plugins.

Please note, when using the .exe on Windows, your anti virus might complain. I assure you the file is totally safe.

For more detailed information and how-to-use, check out the readme on GitHub.

Let me know if something is unclear or missing.


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Screenshot of OBS Scene Queue with a very simple queue, using OBS queue items (scenes) and the Text Plugin queue items. On the right, the control buttons are shown with customizable Quick Access Buttons below.


Note: I refactored most of the application text from 'que' to 'queue' (my bad). For backwards compatibility, the application files are not renamed.

If you like my products, check out OBS Scene Timer for better time management.
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