Esports broadcaster looking for auto-transitions away from ad videos during intermission


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Hi everyone! I wanna pick some people's brains about this. I run esports broadcasts for a Rocket League community. In between matches, we have a looping "intermission" video that plays while we're setting up the next match. We recently implemented some advertisement videos for brands that we work with, and we wanted to use them during our intermissions. Specifically, here's the order of operations I'm looking for:

Commentators throw to break -> transition -> ad video 1 plays -> transition -> ad video 2 plays -> transition -> intermission scene.

Essentially, for the first transition until the intermission scene, I'm looking to have that process be automated, so that our other broadcasters and I don't have to sit and wait for 30 seconds to transition from one ad to another, then wait another 30 seconds to transition from the second ad to the intermission scene.

Is there already a function in OBS that would allow me to do this? Is there a plugin that people know of that would enable this functionality? Thanks in advance, I'm hoping someone here has an answer for me!


Try looking at Advanced Scene Switcher. It can do a lot of things, if not everything. And not only scene change.

When i show my start scene (a video), then it changes to my main scene when it is finished. Just a simple macro in the plugin