1. M

    Control Broadcast Manage from CLI

    Sorry it this is the wrong area to post this, I was not sure if it should go here or plugins or scripts. I am after a method to programmatically manage Broadcasts (the fields/settings below). Websocket or CLI or other, I am not too fussy. Does something exist?
  2. Q

    Possible to Programmatically Select Youtube Broadcast in OBS?

    Hi Fellow Programmers & Streamers, I am using OBS websockets as part of a pipeline to livestream game replays to youtube. I have a trigger that looks for a completed game and when it detects one it uses websockets to automate the live-streaming on youtube. I don't know when these game replays...
  3. S

    Phone calls in OBS (or other systems)

    Sometimes I have to insert a telephone call into a broadcast with a presenter and guests. There are professional systems but until now I have never found a low budget solution. The easiest way is to put the phone on speakerphone and hold it up to a microphone but you clearly have no control. So...
  4. Leachy

    Esports broadcaster looking for auto-transitions away from ad videos during intermission

    Hi everyone! I wanna pick some people's brains about this. I run esports broadcasts for a Rocket League community. In between matches, we have a looping "intermission" video that plays while we're setting up the next match. We recently implemented some advertisement videos for brands that we...
  5. E

    Can't create a broadcast using a thumbnail

    I am having an issue where when I try to create a broadcast using a thumbnail, it fails to start giving an "create broadcast error." I can start a broadcast if I don't use a thumbnail. I used to be able to do it just fine. However is just suddenly stopped working properly. I've tried restarting...
  6. X

    How to broadcast on a TV with a HDMI cable (help)

    Hello , I'm using OBS Studio since a while but i am only using it to record my screen/voice on my pc and on twitch. In a few weeks i have to host a concert in my high school , and i have a camera and templates and i want to do the same as real concerts (e.g eurovision) , so i want to stream on a...
  7. B

    HELP!!! I cant use Game Capture to capture OVERWATCH

    My system is windows 11. when i play overwatch with fullscreen and use obs to broadcast it,i use Game Capture to capture the game,i cant see anything in preview,my live room is black screen,i tried various methods to fix this problem but nothing has changed.But when i use Borderless Windowed,i...
  8. J

    Broadcast Audio Quality difference

    When I record a few minutes locally and listen to the audio quality it sounds fine, but then when I broadcast to twitch there is something that is causing the audio to sound muffled or has a lot of static. Using a behringer UFO202 to capture the audio on my iMac. Have tested broadcasting to...
  9. N

    Twitch VODs cutting in half, portions of stream going missing.

    For the past 6 months, the VODs twitch streams are starting to split into multiple pieces which is extremely frustrating for my situation. Since I speedrun COD, the fact that some of my VODs are getting cut into pieces, (the VODs I use to highlight) they cannot be submitted as proof that I...
  10. P

    I can't broadcast onto youtube anymore, error message keeps showing up ?????

    I'm trying to test my obs but its not letting me create a broadcast and keeps sending me this error message. i've tried looking up tutorials regarding this error but i cant find anything and the link it sends me to doesn't tell me how to fix it. I'm not sure if it's my connection, my settings or...
  11. O

    Нет звука в наушниках (No sound in headphones)

    Добрый день, при запуске программы в bluetooth-наушниках пропадает звук, но в микшере показывает, что звук идёт. Пыталась через настройки всё уладить: включала "по умолчанию" и выбирала конкретно эти наушники (sony wh-ch500). Результат один - звука так и нет. Один раз эта проблема разрешилась с...
  12. andrewjt19

    Camera Input Freezes

    Hello, I'm not very learned in OBS and truth be told I'm a novice at streaming. I have set up a computer for our church for streaming based upon YouTube videos and this forum as guides. I'm running into an issue I can't seem to fix. I have a log which I'll attach and hopefully the error...
  13. J

    Live broadcast problem

    I have live broadcast problem here, i dont get it how i fix this, my internet connection in normal when i test upload speed, twitch server test and use in obs test mode. But when i push live button my upload it's going down, i took log file, tell me what to do. I call my isp they told me we cant...
  14. greektv

    Question / Help Automatic de-interlacer filter for mixed video sources?

    Hi all, Situation: I feed OBS with a live NDI source that contains a mix of Interlaced and Progressive videos. One program can be Interlaced, and the next may come Progressive. With no filter applied, the issue is that interlaced video has visible combing effect, but progressive video looks...
  15. D

    Question / Help Remote camera stream to obs options?

    Hi I'm trying to work out the best options for live streaming a couple of remote camera's back to a main obs (not on the same network). I have seen a few things mentioned about sending the camera stream via rtmp to a rtmp server but can't seem to find a clear method for setting this up...