Twitch VODs cutting in half, portions of stream going missing.


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For the past 6 months, the VODs twitch streams are starting to split into multiple pieces which is extremely frustrating for my situation. Since I speedrun COD, the fact that some of my VODs are getting cut into pieces, (the VODs I use to highlight) they cannot be submitted as proof that I finished the runs without cheating on the src website because it is unfinished footage. This is tiring me out and wasting a lot of my time and I'm starting to lose hope. According to other people that have this issue, it's an "internet problem" which is not a problem for me at all because I am streaming the run with another person on an ONLINE game which I am hosting, if I had internet issues, he would be lagging or disconnecting from my game, which he isn't. The whole gameplay is fine and everything is going well but my footage is just getting wasted because it is getting split for unknown reasons. I can upload the log files from OBS if needed, or twitch server is ticked on automatic (recommended). The past two runs that I have are both cut into two pieces. Even though this is recent so far, this has been a re-occurring issue for the past 6 months and every now and then my streams will get split into multiple pieces. Not only is it cutting into multiple pieces but the second VOD is 40-80 seconds ahead of when it cut out on the first VOD so a portion of my footage is entirely gone. Not only this but I also ticked the "Dynamically change bitrate to manage congestion" on as a result of this and it is still happening and will not stop. One more thing I want to mention is that as soon as the most recent one happened again, someone said something in the chat. So as a result, I made my chat followers only for 1 month but I still believe that will not resolve my issue.