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    Audio is cut off at the start and end of a clip

    The moment I press "start recording", I expect to hear my voice immediately during the whole video clip until I hit "stop recording". But my voice delays at the start and also my last word in the recording gets cut off midway in the exported video. I did make sure I said the last word completely...
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    Twitch VODs cutting in half, portions of stream going missing.

    For the past 6 months, the VODs twitch streams are starting to split into multiple pieces which is extremely frustrating for my situation. Since I speedrun COD, the fact that some of my VODs are getting cut into pieces, (the VODs I use to highlight) they cannot be submitted as proof that I...
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    OBS shows 20 minutes recorded but video is 6 seconds

    (Posting several log files so I will be giving dates) On Februari 28th I used OBS to record a gameplay session. I recorded in flv as usual and everything seemed normal. OBS was showing it was recording and I restarted the recording at 20, 30 and sometimes 40 minutes to not create too big files...