Phone calls in OBS (or other systems)


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Sometimes I have to insert a telephone call into a broadcast with a presenter and guests. There are professional systems but until now I have never found a low budget solution. The easiest way is to put the phone on speakerphone and hold it up to a microphone but you clearly have no control.

So I worked with a couple of audio splitters and a cheap sound card, obtaining "fair" results for very little money, indeed in my case I already had everything at home.

This is the scheme:

schema audio con chiamate.jpg

This way, the people in the studio can hear the interlocutor through the loudspeakers. while the interlocutor will clearly hear what they are saying in the studio via the mixer output (therefore the microphones of everyone present).

The main convenience in OBS will be having the studio voices and the phone voice on two different sources so you can adjust each source independently.
The only precaution to take is to adjust the sensitivity of the microphones in the studio so that they do not pick up the sound of the speakers.