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    Phone calls in OBS (or other systems)

    Sometimes I have to insert a telephone call into a broadcast with a presenter and guests. There are professional systems but until now I have never found a low budget solution. The easiest way is to put the phone on speakerphone and hold it up to a microphone but you clearly have no control. So...
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    Low sound in live broadcasts

    I recently acquired a Solid State Logic 2+ audio interface to improve the sound of my live broadcasts on facebook live, the problem occurred when people who watched my broadcast began to complain that nothing was heard or that the sound was too low. I went crazy checking levels both in the ssl...
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    Question / Help Icecast stream

    Is there a basic tutorial anywhere for setting up an audio only stream to Icecast2? Settings which work in Virtual DJ are: Protocol: IceCast Encoding Quality MP3 - 320 kbps Server: mount address: /stationname <== I've changed this, it is in the format of / followed by...
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    Question / Help Audio-only plugin?

    Hi to everyone. We use OBS Studio to live stream our services. Is there an audio-only plugin? I see that Wirecast (expensive!) can do audio-only but apparently OBS cannot. Thanks.